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    Dr. Richard B. Kaplan

    Before and After

    Incredible results and inspiring journeys - see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

    • Treatment with full braces was initiated at age eleven and was completed in 1½ years. after image
    • This patient had lower front teeth hitting into the palate. Treatment with full braces was started at age 12 and was finished in 24 months. after image
    • The two upper lateral incisors were congenitally missing and both cuspids had moved forward into the wrong position. After the malocclusion was corrected with braces, implants with crowns were placed to compensate for the missing teeth. after image
    • The front teeth did not touch because of thumbsucking, a tongue thrust, and a mouthbreathing habit. Correction of this malocclusion required two phases. In the first phase removable functional orthopedic appliances expanded the upper jaw and advanced the lower jaw while closing the anterior open bite. The second phase of full banded treatment only took 13 months. after image
    • This patient's front teeth were protruding by 14.0 mm due to a retrusive lower jaw. At age 14 the lower jaw was advanced to a normal position in seven months with a growth modifying functional appliance. Only 13 months of banded therapy was necessary to fully correct this severe malocclusion. after image
    • The patient was treated in two phases. In the first phase a growth modification appliance was used to advance the lower jaw. In the second phase full braces were applied at age 13 for 1¼ years to close the spaces. A bonded retainer helps keep the top front space closed. after image
    • The bottom teeth were outside the top teeth. Treatment with full braces was started at age 34 and was completed in 1½ years. after image



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