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    Dr. Richard B. Kaplan


    If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

    Dr. Kaplan and his staff are the right choice for families that care about their orthodontic needs. Dr. Kaplan didn't just put braces on my children's teeth . He takes such pride in his work and takes the time to scientifically measure how your child's facial structure will change with the orthodontic plan he will provide. He calculates how and when a brace will be placed and assures that it will give the most pleasing structural results. Dr. Kaplan meets with families and goes over measurements of the scull and explains what why and where corrections should be made, or not! My children never balked about an appointment at Dr. Kaplan's office because we never had to sit and wait, the staff is so friendly, kind and caring . There are newspaper clippings on the wall in the office, as the Dr. is always interested to see his clients achievements. My children are always complimented on their beautiful smiles and this was no easy task! We always recommend Dr. Kaplan and have had people thank us for this. Going to Dr. Kaplan is like going to family.

    I brought my granddaughter to see Dr. Kaplan. I found all of the staff to be very polite, friendly and professional. Dr. Kaplan took the time to explain what she needed to have done. He was very pleasant, professional and calm. He didn't rush us like some doctors and dentists do! I would highly recommend him.

    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2003. I have been using a CPAP machine since then; however, I wanted something to use when I travel or go overnight and didn't want to bring my CPAP machine. Dr. Kaplan told me about an oral appliance which was being used to treat sleep apnea. Dr. Kaplan was able to have one made up for me and I have been very, very happy with it. The mouthpiece is connected in two places (so it comes apart) and molded to fit over my teeth. It is easy to use and has been very effective in my sleep apnea treatment. I was even tested in a sleep study, and it proved to be just as effective as my CPAP machine. The convenience of traveling and having an "alternate" way to treat my apnea has meant a lot to me. Also, if I have a bad cold and cannot use the CPAP machine (or if the power goes out), I have something to help me sleep soundly without having to worry about snoring and keeping my husband up.

    I know many people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea but have been unable to get used to using a CPAP machine so they have given up. Sleep apnea is a very serious problem and if left untreated it can result in heart problems, memory loss, depression....not to mention many sleepless nights for your partner because of your snoring! The oral appliance is a solution for those people who have not been able to use a CPAP or for those who want an alternative and the freedom to have more choices. I highly recommend the oral appliance for anyone with sleep apnea.

    My family has been going to Dr. Kaplan's office for over 35 years. I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Kaplan and his staff. Their caring attitude and attention to quality treatment has meant a lot to us.

    For the past 16 years my children have been served my Dr. Kaplan, a total of 7 in all. We are now winding down with the last one. The results have been consistently excellent, with the outcomes coming in on time and on budget, in accordance with Dr. Kaplan's plan for each child.  Dr. Kaplan and his staff have been consistently professional, courteous, and patient. We have the data!

    I am happy to say my experience with Dr. Kaplan is always very positive. The entire staff displays competence, professionalism, and friendliness.

    Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Kaplan my entire family has beautiful smiles. Dr. Kaplan and his staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable and friendly. Their office is inviting and efficiently run. Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kaplan.

    My daughter's teeth are beautiful. She gets compliments all the time. Your staff is well trained and helpful. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for my child.

    Dr. Kaplan is professional, friendly and caring. Explanation for treatment procedures are presented well and all questions are answered in an understandable fashion. Appointments run on time and everyone in the office is great.

    Dr. Kaplan provided me with the most comprehensive exam and knowledgeable explanation of my malocclusion. He immediately earned my trust and I am confident in an amazing outcome.

    Dr. Kaplan is very knowledgeable and available to answer questions. During my appointments he takes the time to talk to me about how everything is progressing and show me how far I have come.

    I cannot say enough good words about Dr. Kaplan and his staff. Dr. Kaplan is not only an outstanding orthodontist, but he is also very personable, warm and caring man. If I ever had a problem or concern, he took the time to make sure that it was taken care of. He is a perfectionist and willing to go the extra mile.

    The office staff and Dr. Kaplan are very nice, friendly and absolutely professional. I would highly recommend this office to the other patients.

    Dr. Kaplan is very thorough and lets the parents know what is taking phase. Also, he holds the children responsible for their involvement in treatment. They are always on time and greet you with a smile when you arrive in the office.

    When I elected to have orthodontic treatment, I chose Dr. Kaplan of all the recommendations from friends and dentist. He is well known for his personable care, his attention to detail and his excellence in orthodontic care. Treatment of our child has been completed and I am ecstatic about the excellent results.

    Dr. Kaplan's office emphasizes the quality of care and not the volume patients seen. His staff is experienced and professional. Not only does he take the time necessary to diagnosis and treatment plan, but his personal attention at each appointment expedites treatment. My orthodontic treatment was completed ahead of schedule with excellent results.

    Everything about the office was great. The appointments were on time and everyone was always pleasant. I am looking forward to bringing my other child for orthodontics.

    I cannot tell you how much better your practice is, better than our previous experience. You were all terrific.

    Dr. Kaplan and his staff are fantastic. Everyone is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The office always runs on time and has a comfortable atmosphere. I also appreciated the flexible payment plans.

    We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful treatment on our sons. The transformation was incredible and completed ahead of schedule. Your office has a perfect balance and friendliness. Each visit was a pleasant experience for our family.

    Thanks for my beautiful smile. Comparing my experience to others I have noticed that Dr. Kaplan's patients have their braces on for a shorter period of time and with much better results. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who needs orthodontics.

    My family and I have been a patient of Dr. Richard Kaplan since 1997. My first impression with the office was how warm and inviting the staff were. I always felt so comfortable going to appointments and when a problem occurred, I had to call the office and they were always accommodating in making an appointment right away. When my son was getting his braces I had always wanted to have my teeth straightened but was very intimidated to ask. One day I got the nerve to ask at the desk about adults getting braces and Carol in the office said we have many adults who get braces and we have very flexible schedules to accommodate them coming into the office. Carol said Dr. Kaplan can meet with you and give you advice on options available. I was so excited when I left the office and I felt this would change my life. After having braces removed my confidence increased and I feel I owe it all to Dr. Kaplan. He always shows he cares about his patients he will always ask you how the family is and doesn’t forget previous patients, like my son Kyle.

    We were initially referred to Dr. Kaplan by our friend who had nothing but praise for the care she and her three children had also received while under his care. We were initially impressed by his thorough examination and evaluation which included extensive measurements and photographs to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan for our oldest daughter who had a significant under bite. Her longitudinal care resulted in a beautiful smile and corrected under the under bite. The results for our youngest daughter were similar with a wonderful smile and perfect dental alignment. Dr. Kaplan and his staff have been professional, warm, kind and accommodating from our very first visit through our ongoing care for both of our daughters. The staff has always given special attention to work with our girls to make their visits comfortable and have been responsive to my concerns the girls or we have had.Our experience has been very positive. I truly appreciate the professional and quality care we have received by Dr. Kaplan’s office. I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to this office. Thank you for everything.

    All smiles! That sums up our wonderful experiences for both of our daughters' orthodontia care with Dr. Richard Kaplan. From the moment we were greeted by the staff until we book our follow-up appointments we are treated with kindness and professionalism. We couldn’t be more delighted by the transformation of our daughters' teeth to their now perfect smiles.

    As an adult receiving orthodontic work it was important for me to be comfortable in your office. The staff is warm friendly and professional; the atmosphere in your office is fun and pleasant. You have excellent patient care and service-keep doing what you are doing!

    At the age of 33 I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Kaplan after seeing the phenomenal impact his treatment had made to my husband’s smile a year earlier. It was truly exceptional before and after! Although my transformation would not be quite as dramatic aesthetically, since visually my teeth looked fairly decent, treatment was still quite critical as I suffered from misalignment which resulted in constant grinding and serious wear of my teeth that ultimately would be extremely detrimental if left untreated.  Going forward with braces was no easy decision especially being an outside sales representative, I knew I would be very self-conscious and somewhat embarrassed meeting with clients.  However, after meeting with Dr. Kaplan and understanding the ramifications of not having a properly aligned jaw and teeth, it was clear to me that orthodontic treatment was in order.  He walked my through the entire process, his approach and rationale, provided a highly accurate timeline and impressed me at every visit with his ability to know precisely when and where to make adjustments to optimize results.  My husband an I are both very grateful for his expertise and professionalism.  Seven years later I continue to be thrilled with the results, still wear my retainer every night and have never once regretted my decision to go forward with treatment.  Many thanks to Dr. Kaplan and his staff.    LG

    Choosing Dr. Kaplan and going forward with the treatment plan he developed for me was one of the best things I have ever done.  From my days as a youth I had suffered with severe overcrowding which made for a less than appealing smile.  Unfortunately, I would live with that smile until my early thirties.  I initially sought treatment from Dr. Kaplan based on his reputation and eventually had the pleasure of learning first-hand why he was so highly recommended.  Given the complexity of my case, it was difficult to imagine how something this severe could be corrected, but Dr. Kaplan achieved what I thought was impossible.  Dr. Kaplan’s approach is very methodical and the principles and mechanics he employs to force change and movement are truly a science.  Without question he is a master of his craft.  To say I was completely overwhelmed and delighted with the results would be an understatement.  Nearly a decade later I still appreciate daily the satisfaction of a job well done and the personal confidence that Dr. Kaplan allowed me to finally have in my smile.    MG

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